Trusting You

Trusting You A Surprise Baby Romance

My best friend hooked up with a gorgeous guy in college. Years later, with her last breath, she tells me his name. And I’m left to tell him about his secret baby. LOCKE I didn't grow into adulthood as a screw-up, but turns out I'm settling into it just fine. As a pro-football prodigy, success was laid out for me in golden dollar signs—until an injury so cringe-worthy it went viral laid me out for good. Since then, I’ve discovered booze and sex, and I get both whenever I want. Until a girl shows up at my literal doorstep, telling me about a baby I never knew I had. I’m in deep trouble, because in no life plan did I think I’d raise a daughter, and I sure as hell didn’t think I’d fall in love with the woman that comes with her. CARTER The ultimate tragedy is losing someone you love forever, and it's about to happen to me a second time. Locke’s attitude, reputation, and living space all make him the worst fit, but the choice is no longer mine. He's the father, and I'm about to move in with him. Locke's entitled to be surprised. I resisted him because he was my best friend’s ex, and now I've shown up with his baby. But I swear, it’s not what you think… And you won’t expect our love story, either. TRUSTING YOU is an angsty, slow burn, funny, steamy, reluctant roommate romance with no cliffhanger.
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