Can't Resist Her

Can't Resist Her

Two very determined women—in love, at odds, and risking a lot on a second chance. After years away from home, Summer Graves is back in Austin, Texas, to accept a new teaching position. Of all the changes to the old neighborhood, the most dispiriting one is the slated demolition of the high school her grandmother founded. There’s no way she can let developers destroy her memories and her family legacy. But the challenge stirs memories of another kind. On the architectural team revitalizing the neighborhood, hometown girl Aiko Holt is all about progress. Then she sees Summer again. Some things never change. Neither can forget the kiss they shared at their senior-year dance. Neither can back down from her unwavering beliefs about what’s right for the neighborhood. For now, the only thing Summer and Aiko are willing to give in to is a heat that still burns. But can two women with so much passion—for what once was and what could be—agree to disagree long enough to fall in love?
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Photo of Abi Baker
Abi Baker@wicdiv
2 stars
Dec 28, 2022
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4 stars
Aug 17, 2022
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Aug 16, 2022
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Apr 22, 2022
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Mar 7, 2022
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Aug 9, 2023
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3.5 stars
Jul 22, 2023