The Desires of Letters

The Desires of Letters Or, My Letters, the Reproduction of the Letters, the Letters that Changed Everything, Some Other Kind of Mothers, Bebel's Letters, My Pillow Letters, Tender Letters, Portrait of a Letter, Letters Solitary Apparition, the Letter Without Qualities, Letters: a Epic, the Garden of Letters, Letter Found on the Rings of Saturn, the Hour of the Letter, Within a Budding Letter, Letter, Lavransdatter, Close to You & Closer to Letters, Night Letters, a Feather on the Breath of Letters, Animal Letters, the Human Letters, the Four Year Old Letters, O My Companion, All I See are Letters

Laynie Browne2010
Poetry. Fiction. Literary Nonfiction. Drama. "Motherhood and housewyfery and other worldly concerns of the female artist-provider ride rampant here in this bustling exploding book of prose & poem meditations. One of our best writers does it again"--Anne Waldman. Prose, verse, letters, and plays, THE DESIRES OF LETTERS is a searing commentary on writing, mothering, and the navigation of politics, community, and imagination. An homage to Bernadette Mayer's The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters, the book begins at the onset of the 2003 Iraq war and becomes "transformative...[in] its negotiation of the global and the domestic, beauty made bittersweet with annoyance and exhaustion, all that advice about how to raise a child and write at the same time"--Juliana Spahr.
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