A Boldly Daring Scheme

A Boldly Daring Scheme A Regency Cozy

Lynn Messina2020
Finally, Flora Hyde-Clare has wrest the narrative from Beatrice by finding her own compelling murder mystery to solve. Well, it's not entirely her own because the victim is her cousin's former beau, Mr. Theodore Davies, whose father cruelly separated the young lovers (though not so cruelly, for it left the door open for Bea to woo the Duke of Kesgrave). Bea insists, of course, that the law clerk's death was merely an accident. If only he had not been in the path of that wretched carriage! Oh, but Flora knows that evasive look on her cousin's face. Bea is hiding something. Clearly, Davies had gotten himself entangled in some nefarious business, and Flora is determined to discover the truth despite the danger it puts her in. Or is that because it puts her in danger? After all, any heroine worth her salt must be willing to take on a great deal of personal risk. And Flora has her mind set on being a heroine of the highest order.
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Photo of JacQueline Roe
JacQueline Roe@authorjacquelinevaughnroe
5 stars
Sep 9, 2021
Photo of Kristina Sanders
Kristina Sanders@ksanders013
4 stars
Oct 6, 2022