The Giant Awakes

The Giant Awakes A Jake Kruse Novel

Following back-to-back, long-term undercover assignments in Indianapolis and Dallas, the latter resulting in four dead, FBI Special Agent Jake Kruse returns to Los Angeles. Meeting with the new Assistant Director in Charge, Jake learns of three squad openings. The first two involve wearing a tie and being tethered to a desk. The third, however, is a low-risk undercover assignment that will keep him out of the office for months. It isn't a difficult decision, and he volunteers for the UC op, an intelligence gathering mission targeting foreign agents working for the People's Republic of China. Posing as an office supply salesman, Jake befriends a Chinese American business owner believed to be working for an intelligence officer operating out of the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles. Within weeks, the probe reveals a public corruption and human trafficking operation involving politicians and Hollywood executives. When a young girl is victimized by targets of the investigation, Jake must risk his life and his career to save her from sexual exploitation.
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