Modern Day Heroes

Modern Day Heroes In Defense of America

For a country that prides itself on technology and cutting edge advancements in the medical field, it is somewhat surprising that the thing that most catches our attention is not innovation, rather it is the sacrifices of the few for the betterment of the many. These Modern Day Heroes are so much more than dates and events, they are men and women with lifelong stories. A hero is not defined by one single action; rather a hero is forged by his character that triumphs at a definitive moment in time. Heroes that have given their lives in service to this country have given us more than we can ever repay. These heroes are men and women with fathers and mothers, husbands and wives; they have families that they loved and families that loved them. They are more than a heroic instance, they are the culmination of lives lived with purpose. These are the stories of the medic and the lieutenant, the police officer and the fighter pilot; these are the stories of fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters; indeed these are the stories of dedicated, hard-working Americans. The stories of these Modern Day Heroes are the stories of American sacrifice, often paid in blood, that have been made directly and indirectly on our behalf. When the story of a hero is told, people often pause at the dynamism of the story or the virtues made manifest by the hero. The reasons for this pause are as myriad as the individuals who listen to the stories. However, on the most basic level all of us pause out of the simple feeling of pride we get from hearing of great deeds done by our fellow countrymen. These Modern Day Heroes give us confidence that with all of the uncertainty in the world, American will continue to standstrong. God bless our nation's heroes, and God bless the U.S.A!
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