Queen Takes Rose
Fast paced

Queen Takes Rose

Katee Robert2020
Once upon a time I made a deal with the devil. It turns out I like playing in the dark. Over the years, I’ve become someone I’m proud of, someone dangerous. I’ll never be as dangerous as Malone, though. She’s one of the most feared leaders in Carver City, and her reputation is more than earned. Years ago, we had a single night together and she’s ignored me ever since. Imagine my surprise to discover she’s scheduled me for the final two weeks of my contract. Maybe I should be afraid. Everyone else fears Malone. Instead, all I feel is anticipation. It’s time to balance the scales, once and for all. The villains aren’t the only ones in Carver City a person should be wary of crossing. Sometimes the prettiest flower hides the deadliest poison…
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Fast paced
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