ReWork Change the Way You Work Forever

"Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of software company 37signals, follow a simpler-is-better philosophy. This extends from writing software used in microblogging phenomenon Twitter - to building a business and managing a career. he company has a million users and a payroll of eight. Their point of difference is pared down simplicity: they make products that are shockingly easy to use. The advice contained in ReWork aimed at small businesses is equally no-nonsense and inspired: spend less money, hire fewer people, work fewer hours, have fewer meetings, and perhaps most surprisingly offer fewer features. Essentially do less than the competition. hey focus on what really matters. Employees are fresh, energised and forced to avoid distractions. With short, to-the-point chapters, ReWork draws together what 37signals has learned in the trenches while building a hugely successful company that not only has loyal customers, it has raving fans. Inspirational, motivational and simple, ReWork will be the post-recession business book of the year."
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