Rhiannon Firth
Disaster Anarchy
Theory, Social Movements and Utopia

Disaster Anarchy Theory, Social Movements and Utopia

Due to the devastating effects of global warming, natural disasters have been increasing at a brutal pace all around the globe. Shockingly poor state-led relief efforts have been cause for much misery among those affected. In fact, the most successful disaster responses have come from anarchist-inspired social movements. These have been the target of both repression and intense curiosity on part of governmental entities looking to co-opt these autonomous movement practices.In this groundbreaking and timely book, Rhiannon Firth provides a comprehensive anarchist approach to understanding and responding to natural disasters, drawing on historical and contemporary sources as well as empirical case studies. Offering a new framework to address one of the 21st century's most pressing problems, Firth introduces disaster anarchism as a powerful tool to provide a break from capitalism and the state even beyond the scope of disaster relief.
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