Kinetik A Dark Heist Biker Romance

ONE REVENGE. He finds. He rides. He steals. A man without a face, a thief without a code, an orphan without a family. A lone biker, Fury has spent years becoming the ultimate acquirer, stealing the unstealable, obsessed with vengeance on the man who destroyed him years ago. ONE OBSESSION. She follows. She rides. She keeps. She comes out of nowhere, outriding him at every turn, hijacking his missions, becoming his shadow. A mysterious girl, Illyana has spent years aspiring to be his best partner-in-crime, obsessed with him and making it her life's purpose. ONE HEIST. When an opportunity brings him closer to his revenge, they need to work together. An impossible heist, a few steamy trysts, and they'll ride away. No emotions, no messes. Raw, edgy, unhinged, the stakes are high, the payout even higher. And Fury and Illyana are about to learn, things don't always go as planned. *** This book has dark and adult content. Read the trigger warnings in the author's note before proceeding.
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