The Last Resort

The Last Resort A Chronicle of Paradise, Profit, and Peril at the Beach

Sarah Stodola2023
I'm never coming home : Thailand and England -- Where all passions combine : Monte Carlo, the Jersey Shore, and Cap d'Antibes -- Among the very tall : Waikiki -- Into far-flung places : Fiji -- New frontiers, precarious business : Nicaragua and Senegal -- Paradise lost (to overdevelopment) : Tulum, Ibiza, and Cancún -- A global juggernaut : Vietnam and Portugal -- The long haul to the high end : Sumba (Indonesia) -- Beyond the sea : Barbados and St. Kitts -- A tale of two islands : Bali and Nias (Indonesia) -- Ghosts in the machine : Baiae, Rockaway, and Acapulco -- Up to here : Miami Beach -- Interlude : return to Railay -- A better way : Tioman Island (Malaysia) -- Sands of time : the future of the beach resort.
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