Dom Underworld: Book 4

Sophie Lark2021
My Hostage. Her Secret. Our Enemy. Taking the commissioner’s daughter wasn’t part of the plan. It should have been an easy smash and grab. Instead I captured Lara, so scared and helpless… I never want to let her go. I’m obsessed with her. A Bratva shouldn’t be this close to the law. But I can’t keep my hands off her. My desire for this girl is an inferno, threatening to consume everything I hold dear. She has a dark past, and an even darker purpose... I’ll have to pry her secrets out of her. Before they destroy us both. The Lark Notes: One of my most underrated couples! Ivan's little brother Dom is forced into an intense love with Lara. Look for the bonus epilogue with cameos from Ivan, Sloane, Sasha, and Snow. – Sophie “Dom” is a dark mafia romance with a gothic twist, Book 4 in the Underworld series. It’s a stand-alone novel, full of mystery, danger, and blazing hot bedroom scenes. For mature readers only!!!
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