Finding Hope

Finding Hope

Susan Warner2022
A treasure worth having is a treasure worth facing your fears for. Claudia Lewis was a survivor. She and the two women she had met at the shelter had done all of the classes and had decided to start over in a new place. They’ve come to Coopers Sand and the wounded women have vowed to thrive in spite of their past. When Claudia meets Austin as one the first customers in her Baby Registry she’s sure he’s got to be taken. Not that she’s interested in a relationship. It’s been two years of school and four years since she escaped her toxic relationship. Claudia can’t even think of Austin like that…can she? Austin believed in waiting until the right one came. When shy Claudia came into town he knew she was the one. The only thing he has to do is convince her of what he already knows, she's the one. Grab your copy now!
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