The Albion Initiative

The Albion Initiative A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation

George Mann2021
George Mann's Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series concludes in this thrilling final volume as our Victorian special agent heroes discover a grand plot to that threatens the state of the world. The time has finally come. Queen Victoria has given the order for her agents to move against the Secret Service — to eliminate the fledgling organisation with extreme prejudice. Caught in the middle of the conflict, Newbury, Veronica and Bainbridge are forced to face up to the truth: that the Queen no longer represents the best interests of the Empire. Now rogue and in league with the Queen’s enemies, they must enact the “Albion Initiative”: a desperate plan to break Prince Edward out of Bedlam and install him on the throne in the Queen’s stead. But with the Queen’s executioner and his army on their trail, as well as a possible traitor in their midst, can they do enough to stop the malign tyrant from destroying everything they once swore to protect? With everything falling apart around them, Newbury and Veronica must uncover the macabre truth behind the crown, and in doing so, unravel the very foundations of the Empire. Newbury & Hobbes Investigations #1: The Affinity Bridge #2: The Osirus Ritual #3: The Immorality Engine #4: The Executioner's Heart #5: The Revenant Express
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