The Automatic Customer

The Automatic Customer Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry

"How smart companies can use subscriptions to win customers, increase cash flow, and ignite growth What do Zipcar, Netflix, and WhatsApp have in common? They are pioneers of the new subscription economy in which people pay automatically for much more than publications. John Warrillow, the acclaimed author of Built to Sell, offers a blueprint for winning subscribers for any kind of business. He explains, for instance, - The nine different subscription models and how to apply each in your business. - How Dollar Shave Club turned shaving into a subscription. - The secret psychology of selling a subscription. - The eight reasons why customers stop subscribing. Whether business owners want to transform their entire model into a recurring revenue engine orjust pick up an extra 5 percent of automatic sales, they will find great insights and examples in Warrillow's book"--
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