The Nazis

The Nazis The Rise and Fall of History’s Most Evil Empire

Paul Roland2018
This book traces the history of the Third Reich, from the Nazi movement's beginnings in the beer halls of 1920s Germany to the outcome of the Nuremberg trials, which took place in the aftermath of the Second World War. Masters of manipulation, double standards, and deceit, the Nazis were bent on world domination and engineered a global conflict in order to achieve their ends. As their figurehead, they chose an Austrian corporal with a twisted psyche, who rose from obscurity to command the world's most formidable military machine. The Nazis includes fascinating psychological profiles of Nazi henchmen in an attempt to discover the character flaws that made them commit their terrible crimes. This gallery of social misfits was held together by its admiration for Hitler, who dragged the German nation towards the abyss and brought about the deaths of more than 60 million people worldwide.
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Caitlin Moran@caitlinrose1
4 stars
Feb 24, 2022