Deep Dive into Deep Sea

Deep Dive into Deep Sea Exploring the Most Mysterious Levels of the Ocean

Tim Flannery2022
Internationally renowned author and scientist Tim Flannery explores the most remote and mysterious levels of Earth’s oceans. Who is the giant squid’s mortal enemy? Can you see ghosts in the deep sea? What in the world is a headless chicken monster? Tim Flannery has the answers. In this informed and accessible book, he takes readers on a journey into the darkest depths of this unchartered realm to learn about the incredible creatures living there. Divided into sections that focus on the various depths of the ocean, readers can navigate their way through the sea while being guided by anecdotes from Tim’s own personal experiences. From hairy sea devils and goblin sharks to entire ecosystems within whale carcasses, he uncovers fascinating and bizarre facts about this enchanting place and the slippery, scaly, and strange creatures that live there. Packed with vibrant illustrations and snappy engaging text, Deep Dive into Deep Sea will enthrall, enlighten, and capture the imaginations and passions of young oceanographers.
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