We are connecting people over their love for books.

The book industry is heavily skewed by the influence of bestseller lists, ads and paid reviews. The online experience for book lovers has mostly stagnated over the last decade. On average, most books will generally end up with a 4.3 average star rating which doesn’t give us any context and depth about the book.

How can we trust a stranger’s review? A stranger who has a vastly different taste than us, and prefers reading completely different genres of books?


The content of a book has a different meaning depending on the person that’s reading it.

Literal is built around the idea that it’s more useful to know that someone you trust thinks a book is good vs what 1000 random people on the internet think or what a bestseller list says.

Everyone thinks differently, and that is good. You can dive into the atoms that make up a book, share the moments that move you and discuss the ideas you find compelling. We want to create a ground for discussion and bring knowledge together, while making it more accessible and easier to grasp.

Literal is a place to connect people around the topics and ideas that fascinate them. The idea that we can use technology to take our experience, as book lovers, to a new dimension and leave the book industry in better shape while we’re at it.

We are committed to work together with our users, who help us shape Literal and turn it into the best platform for everyone involved.


We are not here to take business away from your local bookstore. Instead, we are actively working together with them to bring their storefront online.

We came together over a shared excitement about building a product that could solve our own problem of where our next favourite book is coming from. But also a product that helps everyone thrive in this market: from readers and authors to publishers and booksellers.

As fans of curated recommendations and the creator economy we quickly noticed that there isn’t a convenient way for curators and creators in the book world to monetize the work they are doing.

Read and watch an interview with Piet and Mihai.


We are a fully distributed team working from Berlin, Copenhagen, Tennessee & Puerto Rico.

Most of us have professional backgrounds of working for ourselves. We want to work with people that are enjoying the freedom to make their own decisions and work on their own, while feeling comfortable to say their opinion and ask for help.

We all thrive on learning something new every day and everyone is constantly trying on different hats. We are working with new technologies while rethinking an old industry and we are excited at all the new possibilities and opportunities to innovate.