Meet Literal

Everything you wished for in a platform made for books.


  • Group chats
  • Share book recommendations
  • Send photos & file attachments
  • Organize a reading group

Reading progress

  • Track how far you are in a book with minutes, % or number of pages
  • Quickly save books you want to read or create custom lists

Organize your library

  • Create shelves to group books together
  • Sort and filter in your library
  • Overview of your reviews and highlights

Reviews & highlights

  • Share your favourite written pieces with friends
  • Get an insight into what moves the people you care about

Scan in text highlights

  • Use our iOS or Android app to scan in quotes with your phone camera

Reading goals

  • Yearly goals or individual time frames
  • Automatically updated when finishing a book

Import from Goodreads

Clubs for everyone

  • Connect with fellow book lovers
  • Create polls
  • Choose moderators

Dark & light mode

Developer friendly

Find your next favourite book

Scan in book barcodes

See what your friends are reading