Society of Psychos

Society of Psychos

Dead Men Walking Duet #2

Caroline Peckham2022

I’m the prince of death. A son of carnage born of wicked deeds and sin-filled nightmares. Nobody understood me. Until her. My Spider. The wild girl I claimed from a sea of violent men. But others want her too… The enemies who lurk within my walls seek to steal her from my grasp. They’re my captives, but maybe they’re the answer to my greatest fear too. Because the Grim Reaper shadows every move I make, and he’s always watching her. Perhaps I need a ring of warriors to surround my little psycho and protect her from death’s claws. Because now she’s stolen my black heart, I can’t fail her like I’ve failed before. This is a dark romance series where the main character will end up with more than one love interest. This series is set in the United States of Anarchy universe. All the series in this world can be read independently but if you’d like to enjoy the crossover characters then you may also want to check out Kings of Quarantine and The Harlequin Crew
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