An Everyday Heroes World Novel

Rhian Cahill2022

The past brought them together. It could also tear them apart.Jake Conners is ready to put the past behind him and give his son-the one good thing to come out of a disastrous relationship-the best he can. Moving to Sunnyville to rebuild their lives and repair the friendship his ex ruined is the new beginning they both need.Mallory Dawson is in Sunnyville to make amends for her stepsister. She never meant to get close to Jacob or Maddox but living in the garage apartment of their new house keeps her in constant contact and as each day passes, she's pulled into their lives and closer to the duo.The last thing either of them wants is a relationship, but as their friendship grows their attraction becomes harder to deny. With each encounter Jake's heart opens more and Mallory's love for Maddox is one the toddler never received from anyone other than Jake.But when Mallory's connection to their past is revealed the fallout leaves her without a place to live and a broken heart. With the threat her family represents, she's forced to accept the budding relationship the three of them has is gone.Devastated and with no hope of getting the thing she wants most-a family with Jacob and Maddox-Mallory does everything she can to ensure her stepsister can never again hurt the two people she loves most.
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ISBN 9781925375428