Ruthless Heir

Ruthless Heir

Ruthless Dynasty #1

Sasha Leone2022

His proposal is ruthless. Marry him or die. Gabriel Corso is the stuff of nightmares. And dirty dreams. A sinfully gorgeous mafia prince from a brutal rival family. In school, he was the bane of my existence. The dark villain to my sheltered princess. Then, poof. He disappeared. If only he’d stayed away. Turns out, our marriage is a term of his inheritance. And he’s returned to collect what’s his. That means ripping me from my gilded cage. It means locking me beneath his searing flesh. It means war. I’m not supposed to like it. To beg for more. To fall for him. There’s just one problem. His obsession. It’s intoxicating. Together, we could conquer this dark world. But only if he doesn’t break me first.
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