F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald Classic Works

Inseparably associated with a point in history he claimed to despise, F. Scott Fitzgerald is both the quintessential Jazz-Age writer and perhaps the era's harshest critic. Included in this book are: The Beautiful and Damned (novel), a cautionary tale of reckless ambition and squandered talent set amid the glitter of Jazz Age New York. This Side of Paradise (novel), his semi-autobiographical first novel, became an instant best-seller. It traces the early life of Amory Blaine from the end of prep school through Princeton to the start of an uncertain career in New York City. 11 short stories from Tales of the Jazz Age and 8 short stories from Flappers and Philosophers. With stories like "The Ice Palace" and "The Jelly Bean," he portrayed the emotional depth of a society devoted to excess and racing heedlessly towards catastrophe that was only a few years ahead.
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Oct 6, 2021