A Little Less of a Hot Mess

A Little Less of a Hot Mess The Modern Mom's Guide to Growth & Evolution

In a world where women are overwhelmed with empty personal growth messages, it can be hard to navigate what's real, and what's just a sales pitch. A Little Less of a Hot Mess: The Modern Mom's Guide to Growth and Evolution helps quiet the noise with practical, simple, and powerful invitations for real healing and growth. The twelve invitations and practices shared in this book offer the modern mom a path toward imperfect evolution, so that she can live her life authentically. Through vulnerable and often humorous storytelling, as well as clinical expertise, licensed therapist Kaitlin SoulÉ invites readers into a step-by-step healing process that takes the whole woman to heart. Moms aren't just parents, they are: World leadersTeachersNurturersCreatorsProviders SoulÉ recognizes the importance of mental and emotional wellness for mothers, guiding readers through nonlinear, intentional evolution. Moms, YOU are worth the time it takes to be whole—step into the driver's seat of life and say yes to the invitation for growth!
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